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The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has record-breaking week after Solstice storms

Baby robins were fed by a volunteer at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville on July 11. (photos by Linda E. Andersen/Review)

The powerful storms that swept through the Twin Cities metro over the Summer Solstice weekend uprooted thousands of trees and cut power to thousands more. The storms were also detrimental to local wildlife.
The soaking rains and violent winds swept countless baby songbirds from their nests, leaving them defenseless on the soggy ground below.
Luckily, compassionate Minnesotans responded to their rescue, delivering hundreds of them to the capable, hard working staff and volunteers at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota in Roseville (WRC).


15 things to do & explore around the area

Do those lazy days of summer need a little spicing up?  The east metro has plenty of chances for some dancing, historical learning, musical entertainment, outdoor adventures and more.  Add some sizzle to your summer and try these 15 happenings near you.


Como gorillas enjoying new home

Como Zoo now has 3 male adolescent gorillas and one family gorilla group on display. The males and the family group are kept separate from each other in different zoo enclosures.

It’s likely going to be a very exciting and busy summer at Como Zoo thanks in no small part to the zoo’s newly opened Gorilla Forest exhibit.
The $11 million, 13,000 square-foot enclosure is home to seven gorillas, six of whom are new to Como.
Matt Reinartz, Como’s marketing and public relations manager, notes the new exhibit is nearly three times larger than the previous gorilla habitat.


Not quite the Roadshow 

Doug Jordahl of Lauderdale and his one-owner P.I.E. truck that Santa brought him in 1949. (photos by Linda Baumeister/Review)

Old stuff stirs up memories at Roseville Library


Protecting pollinators

Sunflowers are ideal flowers for bee observation because of their large “platform,” bee researcher Elaine Evans says. (submitted photos)

Though the weather hasn’t been very sunny recently, the Maplewood Nature Center is encouraging residents to plant “Lemon Queen” sunflowers in their gardens this year.
Not because these flowers will lure out the sun, but because they make excellent settings to observe bees.


Human Rights Commission offers new opportunity for Senegalese native

YaYa Diatta, the new member of Maplewood Human Rights Commission, was sworn in by Karen Guilfoile before the commission meeting April 9. (Linda Baumeister/Review)

Newly-appointed Human Rights Commissioner YaYa Diatta’s journey to where he is today started with a single piece of candy.


Crossing the River: From the war-torn jungles of Vietnam to the tranquil lakes of Minnesota

Moua, third from left in the top row, with his wife Mai Yia, second from right in the top row, and their extended family. (submitted photos)

T. Cher Moua’s recently published book, “Crossing the River (One Man’s Journey from Darkness to Light)” is more than just an incredible story of escaping a war - it’s a personal journey from which everyone can glean valuable insights.


'Rehab Addict' host Nicole Curtis transforms local house

This spring, viewers of “Rehab Addict” have been watching host Nicole Curtis restore this 1,264-square-foot house, which was built in 1889 on the East Side of St. Paul.

One East Side home full of memories gets brought back to life, soul intact


Tapping our love of maple syrup

The tree-tap device is put into the tree when the day temperatures are starting to climb above 32 degrees and the nights are still below freezing. That’s when the boxelder tree sap starts to flow. (Linda E. Andersen/Review)

Last week, the only thing I knew about pure maple syrup was that I liked it on pancakes, and that it somehow came from the sap of maple trees.
It’s hard to imagine how a liquid can come from a solid tree. Now, after reading the new book “Modern Maple” by Teresa Marrone of Minneapolis and attending a talk she gave at the Minnesota History Center, my knowledge of maple syrup has expanded a great deal.


Get fired up for dinner without the crowded oven

Spiced Grilled Ham with Citrus Glaze

Looking to put a delicious twist on your Easter meal? Try cooking ham on the grill.  It’s easy to fire up your feast with this Spiced Grilled Ham with Citrus Glaze recipe. Don’t have a grill?


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