Brides and grooms think Bruentrup Farm is perfect place to say “I do”

It was a beautiful day when Arthur Graf and Kelly Lynn Michlitsch exchanged their wedding vows at Bruentrup Historic Farm in Maplewood. (Courtesy of Kirstin Lukes)

Kelly and Arthur Graf wanted to make their wedding as perfect as perfect can get.

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding -- the dress, the theme colors, the dinner choices, the DJ/band dilemma, or if an open bar is a good idea.


Hobby Lobby store to open in Maplewood amidst national controversy

Supreme Court decision not slowing plans for October grand opening
Despite a deluge of news reports and street protests following Hobby Lobby’s landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision last month, the company is marching forward with its expansion plans.


Identity thieves stash stolen items in Maplewood

Couple accused of having over 15 Social Security cards
A Woodbury couple has been charged with multiple counts of felony aiding and abetting financial card fraud, which included purchasing some stolen items that were housed in an Acorn Storage facility in Maplewood.


Maplewood police expansion project makes progress

A few construction changes won’t affect construction process
As work in the Maplewood police station at City Hall continues, progress is being made, but not without some updates. The city council recently approved some small modifications to the construction agreement that won’t have any effect on the expected date of completion on the project.


Maplewood, District 622 work on funds for children’s program

Goal is to have five adults responsible for every child
Maplewood is hoping to implement a new plan for children, and a fairly unique one at that.


Charity cuts

Patsy Randall gets her haircut from Stephanie Chase at Regency Beauty institute in Maplewood. $5 of each $9 haircut went to the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota during their May 29 and 30 event. (submitted photo)

Students at Regency Institute in Maplewood give back to Children’s Hospital
Students at Maplewood’s Regency Beauty institute used their education methods to give back to the community, donating $5 of each $9 haircut to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota during their May 29 and 30 event.


Maplewood detective wins statewide award

Maplewood Police Detective Alesia Metry was awarded the Minnesota Association of Women Police’s “Officer of the Year” recently. Metry emphasized that team work is a big part of her job. Sgt. Joe Bergeron had been Metry’s direct supervisor.

Alesia Metry named officer of the year
Detective Alesia Metry is a team player. She may have come away with the Officer of the Year Award from the Minnesota Association of Women Police last month, but she’s just as proud of her investigative team’s work as she is her own.


Maplewood Herberger's clearance center opens

Herberger’s celebrated the grand opening of its clearance store near Maplewood Mall last week. (Tim Faklis/Review)

New low-price shop is just west of Maplewood Mall
Herberger’s has opened its first clearance shop, located in the Birch Run Station shopping center just west of Maplewood Mall.


Maplewood Moose Lodge looks to future

The Maplewood Moose Lodge has experienced a decline in membership in recent years, but many dedicated members are thinking about new ways to draw new members, and keep the fraternal and service organization relevant. (Photos by Kaitlyn Roby/Review)

Membership down, but dedicated
Leaders of the Maplewood Moose Lodge recently have been thinking about ways to attract new members, in order to bolster its more than 100-year-old missions to serve the community and establish fellowship.


Maplewood Rainbow Foods is sold

Maplewood Rainbow Foods bought by SuperValu, will keep its name

Rainbow Foods, for the most part, will be no more in Minnesota.
The supermarket chain’s parent company, Roundy’s, announced May 7 it would be selling 18 of its 27 Rainbow stores. Twin Cities-based SuperValu is buying 10 Rainbows and turning them into Cub Foods stores.
Six locations, including the one in Maplewood, will remain a Rainbow Foods under new ownership.


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