LETTER: Thanks to a hero, a year later

To the Editor:


It took the police one minute to respond to the call. It took the fire department three minutes to act. It only took Steve Van Kuyk moments, a year ago on a summer evening at 9 p.m., to see the fire on neighbor John Vadnais’ deck. 

He wondered, “Is he having a bonfire?” Then he saw the flames shooting out of the roof. He quickly called for help and rushed to the front door. A relative had thrown a cigarette butt unattended on the porch and left, starting the blaze.

As the flames licked the house, John was asleep with his faithful dog, Sage, by his side. The house was entered by the police, and John and Sage were awakened and helped out of the house.

Steve was a hero. He smelled the smoke, he noted the fire and rescued John by calling the police. We are lucky to have such brave first responders in our neighborhood.


Deirdre Abbey Hagstrom


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