LETTER: Party identification matters in local races

To the Editor:


The July 30 Roseville Review offered a study in contrasts. On the one hand a writer criticized Nicole Frethem for seeking the DFL endorsement in the Ramsey County commissioner’s race. The writer opined that such politics should be kept out of local races. Yet on page 10 the Minnesota Federation of Republican Women’s North Metro Club stated that they were having a picnic on Aug. 8 and their featured speaker was none other than former Republican state representative Randy Jessup, who is a candidate for that same Ramsey County commissioner’s seat.  

How is it OK for Jessup to identify with a political party in a local race but not for Frethem to do the same thing? Jessup supporters and citizens across the board should not pretend that political identification in general, or on an issue, is not important.  

On the contrary, it is essential to understand holistically where a candidate might stand on a host of issues. Look at Jessup’s record in the legislature and see where he stands on important topics. 

Frethem has a collaborative history on many issues and especially in working on children’s issues. Her common sense stands on sustainability, the environment and the Rice Creek Commons make her an outstanding choice for Ramsey County commissioner.


Mark Miazga

Falcon Heights City Council member

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