LETTER: Jessup: Rebuilding trust through experience

To the Editor:


I encourage other residents to join me in voting for Randy Jessup for county commissioner in the special election primary on Tuesday, Aug. 13.

I was pleased to read his recent letter to the editor expressing his commitment to work hard to build access, transparency, dialogue and trust between residents and city and county leaders. 

As a resident of Shoreview for over 28 years, I am appalled by Ramsey County’s lawsuit against Arden Hills over the Rice Creek Commons development. We expect our county leaders and our cities to work together, not take each other to court. Jessup, a small business owner, has held a variety of leadership positions in both business and the community throughout his lifetime, including his recent service as a Minnesota State Representative for our area. 

I am confident that he would make a strong county commissioner to restore trust between these two government entities and resolve the Rice Creek Commons conflict. Join me in voting for Jessup in the Aug. 13 primary. 


Gary Peterson


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