South-West Review police reports published July 22nd, 2019

Inver Grove Heights

All over the map

On July 10, police received a St. Paul Park police investigation report detailing an incident of stolen property pawned in Inver Grove Heights. One man was charged with possession of stolen property in Dakota county and a woman was charged with pawning property that wasn’t hers.



A 50-year-old man was arrested for DWI July 10 after being pulled over on Concord Boulevard near Cooper Path.


Officers were dispatched to the 6600 block of River Road July 11 for a driving complaint — a 46-year-old woman was arrested for DWI as a result.



On July 11, officers found a vehicle with stolen license plates in the area of Courthouse and Concord boulevards. 


Cover up

An indecent exposure report came in July 12 from the 3000 block of 65th Street.



Officers responded to the 2500 block of Upper 64th Court July 12 for a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle was believed to be abandoned and in violation of the city duration parking ordinance – it was cited and towed.


Warrant arrest

A 21-year-old man was arrested for an active warrant July 12 after being pulled over in the area of 70th Street and Clayton Avenue.


Officers spoke with a woman believed to have a warrant out for her arrest July 13 in the 4400 block of 66th Street. The woman was identified and arrested after her warrant was confirmed.



Officers responded to a suspicious circumstance call July 12 in the 7700 block of River Road, and a man was arrested for possession of a fifth-degree controlled substance.


Not just car doors

Between July 13 and 14, someone entered a home in the 1400 block of Upper 55th Street through an unlocked balcony door and stole a laptop.


Stolen cards

A man reported July 16 that someone had entered his vehicle and stole $200 in cash along with two debit cards. Both cards had been used at a Target in Apple Valley.


Mendota Heights

Lock the doors

Officers responded to the 2000 block of Mendakota Drive July 4 on a report of an unlocked vehicle that had been entered and tampered with — the owner’s credit cards were stolen then used in St. Paul. There is a picture of the suspect using the card in St. Paul.



Bad boom

On July 4, officers responded to the 2000 block of LeMay Lake Road twice for illegal fireworks.


Shouldn’t have tried

An officer was dispatched to the 1000 block of Dakota Drive for a possible medical incident July 6. The officer found someone passed out in the road outside of their vehicle. Once the person came to, they admitted to parking their vehicle because they were too intoxicated to drive. The driver was booked and released from Dakota County Jail for DWI.



On July 8, an officer took a report of fraud from a resident, who was contacted by scammers pretending to be with Xcel Energy. Scammers told the woman her account would be closed if not paid, and she followed their instructions to pay with a prepaid credit card. Another victim of this scam called officers July 8 as well. This caller purchased gift cards and gave the information to the scammer.


Helping hand

Officers were called to assist a neighboring agency July 11 near the intersection of Highway 13 and Lexington Avenue in apprehending a suspect. Officers detained the suspect for the requesting agency and assisted in towing the suspect’s vehicle, which was brought to the department for a search.


South St. Paul

Don’t need to buy more

On July 10, an officer responded to a report of a man in the 1100 block of Southview Boulevard passed out in a driver’s seat. The officer could smell alcohol from inside the vehicle, which was parked at a liquor store, and the driver had slurred speech and watery eyes. The driver admitted to having two drinks and driving to the liquor store. The driver refused to perform any field sobriety tests but was placed under arrest for DWI based on the officer’s observations — the man had previous impaired driving convictions.


Stolen trailer

A man reported his red trailer stolen after parking it July 10 and coming back the next day to find it missing. He said he had parked it on Ninth Avenue and Second Street. There was no record of the trailer being towed, so the trailer was listed as stolen.


Another stolen vehicle

On July 11, a woman called police to report her vehicle had been stolen from the 1000 block of Ninth Avenue. She said she’d just gotten out of the hospital earlier that week and when she woke up later that day she came home had noticed her keys missing. She said a man had taken her Jeep without her permission. The man told her he was going to bring it back but had not returned it by the time she reported it stolen. The vehicle and the man were found July 12 in Minneapolis.


Assault and theft

Police were dispatched to a possible theft July 12. Officers spoke with a woman who said she’d been assaulted and two iPhones had been taken from her. She told officers when she got to a restaurant with a friend, they realized they left their phones in her car. When she went to get them, she was confronted by a woman she knew. The woman went to walk back to the restaurant but the other woman grabbed her hair and punched her, causing her to drop her phone. When security separated them, the other woman picked up both phones and left. Officers found the other woman and both phones were in the glove box of her vehicle. 


West St. Paul

Not allowed

A call came in July 9 from the 400 block of Butler Avenue about a van that had been parked on the block for a week. The person who called it in said they noticed an electrical cable going from the van to their unit. Another call came in regarding the same van, and that caller said he had unplugged the cord from his unit. The caller also said the man living in the van had exposed himself on the curb while going to the bathroom. The vehicle ended up being towed.


Throwing donuts

On July 9, a call came in from a gas station in the 400 block of Mendota Road. There was lot of yelling in the background and a customer was apparently throwing donuts on the floor. The customer left prior to police arrival.


Shouldn’t park there

A customer of a business in the 1600 block of Robert Street reported July 10 a vehicle parked in a handicap parking space with no handicap placard displayed. The registered owner couldn’t provide any disability certificates, so the owner was cited for a handicap parking violation.


Double dip

A man purchased several tools with cash from a business in the 1700 block of Robert Street July 11 and then went back in the store, grabbed the same tools and walked out.


All loud children

A man called police July 12 from Emerson Avenue to report loud children in the apartment next to his. He said all the kids from the neighborhood were there and it was an ongoing issue. The man said he spoke to the landlord about it and the landlord wanted police to tell children to go home and document where all the children live. An officer reported it was quiet inside upon arrival but waited five minutes per the request because the children were outside. Children came in with three adults and the officer reported that the children were only as loud as they “are when they are under 8-10 years old.” No ordinance was violated and there appeared to be no child welfare issues.


Not the Fourth

There were several reports of fireworks going off after the Fourth of July holiday was long over.


It’s all missing

On July 14, a call came in from a man who reported his vehicle missing from the 200 block of Bernard Street and a purse missing from inside his home. He said this all occurred within the last few hours — the keys for the missing vehicle were in his wife’s purse that was missing. 


Thirsty thief

A man ran out of a store in the 1600 block of Robert Street July 16 with two bottles of unpaid for booze.


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