Lake Elmo approves parking on one side of 32nd Street

Parking will now be allowed on the north side of 2nd Street off Lake Elmo Avenue. (courtsey Google Maps)

Lake Elmo City Council approved parking on the north side of 32nd Street east of Lake Elmo Avenue at its July 2 meeting. 

No parking had been allowed on the street since it was recently reconstructed. The council, during a work session last month, directed city staff to find the best way to allow parking on one side. 

Staff recommend parking on the north side because it has fewer driveways and fire hydrants. 

“I’ve been a vocal opponent of parking on both sides because of the narrowness of the street,” said councilmember Lisa McGinn. 

A couple residents spoke during the meeting. One said the street is so narrow that its often difficult to have two cars pass each other. 

The other resident on the street said parking restrictions make things tough for people trying to have visitors, especially older people with large families. 

She said getting public safety vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances down the slim street passed parked cars may be an issue. But, she added, for compromise, that, at a maximum, she would support parking on one side of the street. 

“Two wouldn’t work for sure,” said Councilmember Dale Dorschner. “I think one side is amenable.” He noted that an emergency vehicle could jump the curb if necessary to make way down 32nd Street. “If it becomes a problem, we can revisit it.”

Even with the approval of parking on one side, city staff pointed out, parking would be barred on both sides during winter snow plowing. 


Solomon Gustavo

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