LETTER: Where’s my representative?

To the Editor:


Last fall I reached out to Rep. Becker-Finn to share my views and expectations for the upcoming legislative session. My outreach to her went unanswered. In February, I reached out again only to have my e-mail messages returned as unable to be delivered. In April, I tried again. This time I was told by her assistant that she is “unable to meet in the near future due to the legislative schedule ... but can schedule something after session.” 

The sole job of a state representative is to interact with and represent the interests of those who they serve. How can Becker-Finn represent my interests if she’s repeatedly unresponsive or “unable to meet”?

It would appear that Becker-Finn wants to legislate without the burden of the interests and desires of the constituent. She’ll just vote her own agenda and pass laws that suit her. Following that logic, perhaps I’ll only follow any newly passed laws that I might agree with — I have yet to see one.

The impact of our legislators’ actions is real and lasting. The desires of Becker-Finn and those of her political party have clearly been to continue upward taxation and the removal of the rights of some, while creating special privileges for others. If she were truly acting on her duty and was interested in representing all, I’d not have to spend eight months attempting to secure five minutes of her time.


Hans Molenaar


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