LETTER: Kudos to Little Canada for upping tobacco purchase age

To the Editor:


Thank you to the Little Canada City Council for protecting youth by raising the tobacco sales age to 21.

As a mother and as a leader of a Girl Scouts troop, I appreciate the council taking the initiative to get tobacco products out of high schools and widen the gap between those who can legally buy tobacco and younger students.

Our community values the health and safety of our youth, and a policy to reduce youth access to tobacco will prevent future generations from a lifetime of addiction to a deadly product. Our city is now on the map with more than 450 localities across the nation, as well as the 14 states that have taken this step to prevent youth from a lifetime of addiction.

I’m proud to live in a city that is willing to prioritize the health of its youngest residents over tobacco industry profits.


Amanda O’Connor 

Little Canada

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