South-West Review police reports published May 13th, 2019

Inver Grove Heights

All’s good

On April 30, officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 7000 block of South Robert Trail. A vehicle with people involved in the disturbance was stopped a short distance away but it was determined no crime had been committed.


Free to go

Officers were conducting a follow-up report near the 6800 block of Carleda Avenue April 30. A man was detained but later released after a brief standoff with officers.


Long distance delivery

A woman who lives in New York reported May 1 that her Domino’s Pizza account had been compromised and someone used her account to pay for a pizza to be delivered to the 7000 block of Cloman Way.


Warrant arrest

A traffic stop was conducted May 1 in the 7500 block of Concord Boulevard, and a 55-year-old man was arrested on an active warrant.


A 24-year-old man was arrested for a warrant May 7 after being pulled over in the area of Babcock Trail and Upper 55th Street.



On May 3, officers found a parked vehicle outside a closed business in the 5700 block of Blaine Avenue. A 30-year-old woman was arrested for DUI.


Need insurance

A 24-year-old man was charged with no proof of insurance May 7 after being pulled over in the 8100 block of Cahill Avenue.


Don’t interfere

On May 7, officers responded to a domestic assault in progress. After investigation, a 16-year-old was arrested for interfering with a 911 call and domestic assault.


Mendota Heights

How did that happen?

Officers were notified April 26 by Mendota Heights Public Works employees of property damage that had taken place in one of the bathrooms at Kensington Park. Once on scene, officers found a soap dispenser had been melted.


Dog bite

A report came in April 27 about a dog bite that occurred over the weekend. The caller said that while walking her dog on a path in the area of Victoria and Celia roads, another dog ran across the street, lunging at her dog. As she picked up her dog, the other dog lunged for it and attacked her.



A resident called April 27 about a driver who was on the wrong side of the road near the 1300 block of Northland Drive. Officers found the driver, who admitted to drinking — the driver was placed under arrest for DWI.


Still not good

On April 27, an officer was dispatched to the 1000 block of Riverside Lane to investigate a report of vehicle damage. However, the investigation revealed there was no damage, but rather a theft had occurred.



Officers responded to a business in the 2000 block of Centre Point Boulevard on a report of credit card fraud April 29. The reporting party provided documentation of an employee making fraudulent charges on a company credit card.


Lock the cars

On May 2, officers got a call from the 600 block of Hidden Creek Trail about a backpack containing a computer that had been stolen from an unlocked vehicle. 


South St. Paul

Possible DUI

Police responded to a crash in the 200 block of Ninth Street May 2 after a driver rear-ended a parked vehicle. The driver was found to be intoxicated but refused to cooperate and refused field sobriety testing. The man was transported to the police department where he was processed for DUI refusal and taken to Dakota County Jail.


Warrant arrests

On May 2, police received a fax from Dakota County for the arrest and detention of a man. Police went to a house on Second Avenue where the man was thought to be located, found him and arrested him. A woman in the residence attempted to hide drug paraphernalia, which the man said was his.


Police arrived to a residence in the 500 block Second Avenue on May 3 where they located a person with an active warrant. The man had a bag of methamphetamine sticking out of his sweatshirt pocket and was subsequently arrested. 


Don’t give out info over the phone

A woman called police May 2 to report fraudulent activity on her checking account. She told police she had received a call from a man who identified himself as being with Advanced America. The man asked if she wanted to borrow up to $5,000 and pay it back in small amounts. She gave him her bank account information and personal log-in information. She later saw roughly $952 worth of online charges. Her bank advised her it was fraud and to close her account.


Lock the doors

On May 3, an officer spoke with a woman who said her backpack had been stolen from her vehicle. She told the officer she parked her vehicle in the lot at her work on Hardman Avenue and when she returned after her shift, she noticed papers had been moved and an envelope was emptied. When she arrived home, she also noticed that her backpack was missing. The woman said her vehicle was unlocked. 


Not in public

Officers responded to Grand Avenue May 5 on a report of an intoxicated man in the lobby of a building who urinated on himself. Police made contact with the man who had a puddle of urine under him on the bench he was sitting on. The man argued with police while they attempted to figure out where he lived. His girlfriend, who lived at the building, agreed to drive him somewhere else for the night. The man was cited for disorderly conduct.


West St. Paul 

Don’t go back in

A woman called police May 2 from Wentworth Avenue about a suspicious man who had been walking around inside a building, talking with a number of people. Police spoke with the man who said he went into the building to speak about politics. He was advised to not go back into the office building.


 Not a bathroom

A man was urinating outside in the 1500 block of Bellows Street May 2. The man fled in his car when confronted.


That’s a lot of shoes

Three men came into a business in the 1800 block of Robert Street May 2, stole 10 pairs of shoes and then ran across the street towards a residential area.


Not that sneaky

On May 2, two men concealed expensive flashlights and went into the men’s bathroom at the rear of a store in the 1600 block of Robert Street. An employee talked to one of the men when he exited the bathroom and denied having any flashlight. The second also denied the accusation when he left the bathroom. The employee found the flashlights and the damaged packages in the bathroom. One of the men was identified and told a trespass notice would be mailed to him.


Rode off

Kids were jumping on the roof of a dugout in a baseball field in the 1000 block of Charlton Street May 3. The three kids got on bicycles and rode off before police arrived.


Lucky break

A customer at a business in the 1600 block of Robert Street May 3 said another customer asked to use her phone because her phone wasn’t working and she needed to call her boyfriend. The phone rang for a few seconds and when it was handed back, a payment app was open. There was no financial loss as the owner of the phone had fingerprint protection. 


Trying to sleep

A party bus was parked in front of a house on Imperial Drive May 4 that had been idling for about a half an hour. The caller was upset because he was trying to sleep.


Hidden merch and locked doors

A woman shopping at a business in the 1600 block of Robert Street had hid merchandise in a garbage can May 4. At the check-out, she scanned the garbage can but not the merchandise inside it. An employee stopped the woman and sent her back to pay for the items in the can. In a separate incident at the same business, a man tried to force open the locked doors to a gun accessories display. The man had his arm inside the cabinet at one point but no merchandise was removed. 


Don’t want to know

On May 4, a kid was stopped in the 1600 block of Robert Street after concealing Skittles and condoms in his jacket pocket. The teen told the officer he was making a YouTube video with the items and the officer told the kid he didn’t want to know what the video was about with Skittles and condoms. 


That’s a new spot

A loss prevention employee of a business in the 1400 block of Robert Street called police May 5 after a man put a computer tablet down his pants. 


Let’s take it outside

On May 6, a call came in from the 1100 block of Robert Street after a man took candles and when caught, was loud and making threats to the caller. The manager, who was able to recover the stolen items, said the angry customer was told to pay for the merchandise but got mad and threw it on the counter. The manger told the man to leave the store, but the man told the manager to step outside. The manager refused and called the cops. 


Sorry, can’t do that

There was a group of panhandlers May 6 in the 2000 block of Robert Street. An officer checked to make sure everyone in the group, which was made up of a man, woman and two children, all were OK. The group was fine, but the officer told them they couldn’t solicit in the city. The man apologized and said the group would leave. 


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