LETTER: Appreciated climate action in the House

To the Editor:


Last week, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed an omnibus energy and economic development bill, and I’m happy that our local representatives Kelly Moller and Jamie Becker-Finn supported this legislation. This bill would put our state on track to have 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050. Americans are finding out daily just how costly doing nothing on climate will be. More intense precipitation in Minnesota is just one of those costs. But technology is also improving every day, including battery storage, and the price of renewable energy continues to drop. 

Our young people are pleading with our elected officials to act — since they are the ones who will pay for the consequences of our inaction — and Moller and Becker-Finn have responded with their votes. The Republican-held Senate didn’t even hold a hearing on the renewable energy goal. In fact, 50 Republicans in the House voted against the declaration “that greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities are a key cause of climate change,” which was included in the bill. We will see if the new renewable legislation will make it through a conference committee to the governor’s desk. In the meantime, thank you Moller and Becker-Finn for your leadership.


Luther Dale 


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