Bamboo Bay opens at Shoreview Community Center

courtesy of City of Shoreview Bamboo Bay, a 7,000-square-foot addition to the Shoreview Community Center’s water park, opened in December as part of a more than $15 million facility renovation.

courtesy of City of Shoreview Bamboo Bay at the Tropics Indoor Water Park in Shoreview.

The nearly $16 million expansion of the Shoreview Community Center wrapped up at the end of 2018 with the opening of the Bamboo Bay water park area.

The addition is an array of water features in a shallow pool, topped with a jungle gym and a large water bucket that pours down from above.

“It’s a major expansion,” said Shoreview City Manager Terry Schwerm. “It includes a large interactive water play feature, a zero-depth area.”

The zero-depth pool refers to how swimmers enter the water. The floor gradually slips under water like a beach, rather than an enclosed edge.

The facility is now open for business and caps the city’s overhaul of the community center. The overall project updated the building’s café and fitness areas, as well as doubled the size of the indoor playground. The building also added individual activity rooms for community use, parties and other events, as well as more family locker rooms.

The Bamboo Bay area was an exterior renovation as well. The pool park is enclosed by large glass windows that give the center a bigger look.

“Architecturally, it’s the most significant piece because it really stands out on Highway 96,” Schwerm said.

The community center renovations are part of a larger development plan for the general area along the highway, which is also home to Shoreview City Hall, the Shoreview Library and the Mounds View Public Schools administrative building.

Design work is under way to overhaul the 40-acre grounds known as Shoreview Commons, which includes green spaces, playgrounds and a skateboard park.

“The master plan, we’ve been working on [it] for a few years,” Schwerm said. “The last year, we’ve been focusing on the community center expansion.”

Shoreview Commons updates could include the addition of a pond to the grounds, more pedestrian pathways, parking accommodations and new playground equipment. The city could seek bids for early work this spring.

“We look at it as our central gathering spot for our community,” Schwerm said. “We’re designing the first phase improvement for the commons’ master plan.”


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