Dozens of cops respond to Rosedale theater fight

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A fight broke out in a movie theater at the AMC Rosedale 14 the afternoon of Dec. 11, prompting a multi-agency police response.

According to the Roseville Police Department’s Lt. Erika Scheider, a group of students from a St. Paul charter school were at the Rosedale Center movie theater to watch a film.

She said a tipster had told the department about potential problems during the screening, and plainclothes officers were at the movie theater when the fight broke out around 2:45 p.m.

Police estimate 150 students were in the theater when a dispute arose between noisy students and those who were telling them to be quiet, Scheider said.

“There was an initial fight, then there were a couple different fights as they moved out of the theater,” she said.

As the situation developed, police at the theater called for help. Scheider said the Roseville department had been holding training on conflict management and crisis intervention that day at the police station, so there were more officers available than normal, who headed to the theater.

Roseville cops were joined by police from the St. Anthony and New Brighton departments, along with Metro Transit officers and deputies from the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.

“We had over 20 officers there real quick,” said Scheider.

Though a small number of students were fighting, all of them were evacuated from the theater and then police worked to transport them away from the mall, Scheider said. The students were taking public transit so there were no waiting buses to put them on, and police guided the group from the theater to the nearby Metro Transit station at the shopping center.

Scheider said the situation was a “unique challenge, because it went from all of the students in the theater together ... to getting them all on buses and safely home or to their school.”

Initially, police knew of just a single student who’d been hurt in the fracas. The student was taken to the hospital to be evaluated for a head injury. Scheider said that later, reports came in of other students seeking medical attention.

No arrests were made at the scene, Scheider said, though detectives are following up on leads and will be likely to pursue charges against the specific students involved in the fight. 

“We were really fortunate to have the extra staffing,” Scheider said. “Those situations can quickly get out of control when you have so many heightened emotions and high school students involved.”


A busy day at the theater

The movie theater brawl wasn’t the only action at the mall that day. 

About 40 minutes before the fight began, officers in the theater parking lot witnessed a car hit a parked car and then speed off, followed by another car whose driver was attempting to get the offending car’s license plate number, Scheider said.

The car involved in the hit-and-run eventually ended up on County Road C driving at high speeds. It eventually turned north on Dale Street and crashed near Terrace Drive, plowing through a retaining wall and stopping on a home’s front doorstep, Scheider said.

Two students from the school group were in the car — police set up a perimeter and tracked one of them down in a swampy area at the corner of Victoria Street and County Road C, and the other near Dale and the county road, Scheider said.

The driver of the car was booked for reckless driving, hit-and-run, driving without a Minnesota driver’s license and no insurance.

Said Scheider, “So, a lot going on all at once from this school group at the theater.”


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