NEWSBRIEF: Shoreview receives high marks for community survey

Shoreview residents ranked the overall quality of life in the city highly again this year, according to Peter Leatherman of the Morris-Leatherman Company (MLC). The 2018 Community Survey showed that 97 percent of residents rated the quality of life in Shoreview as either excellent or good. Sixty percent rated the quality of life as excellent, which places Shoreview among the top two cities in the metro area that MLC has surveyed. Shoreview’s quality of life ratings have been consistently very high, ranking as one of the highest quality-of-life cities in the metropolitan area since MLC began surveying Shoreview residents in the late 1980s.

Ninety-three percent of residents surveyed think Shoreview is headed in the right direction. According to Leatherman, only three other cities have a rating over 90 percent for the question. Further, 91 percent of residents surveyed either strongly approve or somewhat approved of the job the city council is doing.

Finally, 76 percent of residents feel empowered and believe they can impact how things are run in the city, a result 16 percent higher than the average result in the Twin Cities.

Mayor Sandy Martin commented, “We are very pleased that residents continue to recognize and appreciate the exceptional quality of life we are fortunate to have in Shoreview and that they believe the city is headed in the right direction.”

City services and recreation amenities also scored highly on the survey, with some of the highest results in the metro.


Survey snapshot

• 98 percent feel accepted and welcomed in Shoreview.

• 97 percent rated their quality of life as excellent or good.

• 94 percent rated the sense of community as very or somewhat strong.

• Police and fire protection services: 97 percent rated excellent or good.

• Other services, including drainage and flood control, park and trail maintenance: 90 percent rated excellent or good.

• Property taxes: 82 percent rated services they receive based on proposed taxes as excellent or good value.

• Trails: 43 percent of respondents use trails on a weekly basis and another 26 percent use them on a monthly basis, making them the most used recreation amenity.

• Community center: 98 percent rate their experience as excellent or good; 59 percent have someone in their household who is a member; 55 percent have used the community center in the past year.


The survey, which consists of phone interviews of 400 randomly selected Shoreview residents, provides results that are accurate to plus/minus 5 percent. The results of the entire community survey are posted on the city’s website,

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