NEWSBRIEF: Prevent thefts while shopping

The weeks after Thanksgiving are one of the busiest shopping times of the year. It’s also a time that thieves and pickpockets are on the lookout for distracted shoppers.

Roseville police remind you of a few tips to avoid becoming a victim of theft.

• Do not leave valuables in your vehicle where they are visible from the outside. Take them with you or place them in the trunk or out-of-sight before reaching your destination.

• Park in a well-lit area. Lock your vehicle and activate your car alarm. Thieves only need a few seconds to snatch something from your car. They are less likely to break into a vehicle if they can be seen or heard by others.

• If you plan to continue shopping after placing purchases into your vehicle, consider driving to another parking spot away from anybody who could have seen you place items in your trunk. Thieves look for people putting purchases into their vehicles.

• Close your purse to make it harder for a pickpocket to remove contents. Do not leave your purse unattended in a shopping cart.

• Do not set down your wallet, credit cards, purse, cell phone or other valuables.

• Do not leave purchases unattended while browsing or stopping for a snack.

• Be alert of others around you. Thieves often work in teams to distract potential victims. Pickpockets often engage potential victims in conversation to get closer to your possessions.

• Shop in a group or with a friend, if possible. Criminals often target people who are alone. 

• Keep track of receipts in case your items are stolen. This helps police understand the value of the items taken, and the information may assist in filing insurance claims. When purchasing items, take the receipt from the cashier rather than leaving it in the bag.

Follow these tips year-round. Thieves don’t limit their activity to the holiday season. Remember to report all suspicious activity to 911 as soon as possible. Visit for additional crime prevention tips.

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