Gateway Corridor Commission becomes Gold Line Partners

Minnesota Municipal Power Agency recently installed a solar array at North High School as part of the Hometown Solar Grant program. submitted photo

The Gateway Corridor Commission, comprised of local elected officials, business and community leaders that led the initial work to establish the METRO Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit line, announced June 26 the organization is now named “Gold Line Partners.” Gold Line Partners will continue to bring together business and community leaders and elected officials who support Gold Line BRT, and engage with the public to continue to educate and build support for the project.

 “Gold Line BRT will be an important transit connection for the East Metro area,” said Gold Line Partners Chair Stan Karwoski, “and it is important that leaders from the business community, members of the public, and local elected officials have come together to support this project, and promote the development it will bring to our cities. While day-to-day management of the project has transitioned to the Metropolitan Council, Gold Line Partners is going to continue to inform and engage the public, and advocate for the project every step of the way.”

 Gold Line Partners is comprised of representatives from local governments along the BRT line, area businesses and chambers of commerce, and the new name reflects the inclusive nature of the organization. Partners from every sector, including business, community, and government, have been working together to make Gold Line BRT a reality. 

 Earlier this year, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) granted Gold Line BRT entry into the project development phase of the federal New Starts program, which funds major transit projects across the country. 

 Management of the project transitioned from the Gateway Corridor Commission to the Metropolitan Council in 2017. The Metropolitan Council will be responsible for building and maintaining the line, and work has begun in the areas of design, engineering, environmental and community outreach. The project team includes staff from Metropolitan Council, Ramsey County, Washington County, and MnDOT.

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