LETTER: 3M keeps outsourcing jobs

To the Editor:

To 3M Company and all the high management that work in its IT Division: 3M used to be the best company to work for. I grew up on the East Side and many friends and relatives worked at 3M while I was growing up, when 3M was the best Minnesota company. 

But now, lately, they are sending all their jobs to India. Last year they outsourced hundreds of help desk jobs to India, putting hard-working employees out of work. One week ago, the IT area I work for was notified they are outsourcing everyone’s job to an Indian contracting company, so all workers will be working in India. 

Who makes these decisions? The higher management people in IT at 3M. But the name 3M includes Minnesota. It should now be called ICMM: India Contractors Mining and Manufacturing. So myself and 50 other hard-working employees and contractors will be out of a job on June 30. 

How can 3M (or ICMM) do this? Saving money? Why hasn’t our governor, or the people we vote in, done something about this? We are losing Minnesota jobs! People should stop buying 3M (or ICMM) products. 

Hello, Mr. Dayton, are you going to do something? I hope the people realize this. Just take a drive through the 3M (or ICMM) Maplewood complex and you will see all the India contractors. Help save Minnesota jobs.

Bill Thayer, Hugo

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