Exceptional service at St. Anthony Mobil makes auto repair painless

One of St. Anthony Mobil’s loaner cars, which are available at no extra cost for repair customers.

Services range from basic maintenance to complex engine and transmission replacements.

The longtime village fixture thrives on word-of-mouth referrals


For folks without an automotive background, it’s too easy to become apprehensive about taking your car to the shop. 

The potential for steep repairs and days that drag on without access to your vehicle can make anyone want to delay it as long as possible. The team at St. Anthony Mobil envisions a world in which the inconvenience is removed and extra steps of service make the customer experience effortless.

Owner Tom Archambault started working for the shop’s original owner, Roger Bona, as a 14-year-old. Tom purchased the business in 2015, but Roger’s influence remains, especially in the phrase “doctors of the automotive industry,” which the team still likes to use.

“It’s a phrase Roger coined because everyone has been to a doctor, and it helps them understand the process,” Tom says. “We’ve commonly referred to [working on cars] as ‘treating our patients.’ When the customer comes in we assess the health of the vehicle, do the safety inspection, and then treat the symptoms as they’re diagnosed.”

St. Anthony Mobil covers the full range of mechanical issues, from basic tire repairs and maintenance, to full engine and transmission replacements. These are all complemented by a unique level of service that earns the business many referrals.

“Every vehicle that is serviced here gets hand washed and vacuumed,” Tom says. “We offer a shuttle service within a five-mile radius. Within that same radius, we offer a pick-up and drop-off service.” He explains that the pick-up and drop-off is especially helpful for families with small children, or the elderly, who can struggle to get out of their homes.

The most impressive offering has to be the shop’s loaner car service. With 11 vehicles available for customers’ use without additional charge, St. Anthony Mobil eliminates the worst part of having your car serviced: the loss of transportation.

These features are far from common in the auto repair industry, and Tom is confident that the positive word-of-mouth they create keeps his business growing.

“I’d go so far as to say that referrals are our biggest source of new business,” he says. “Hopefully, once somebody comes in the door and receives our level of service, they become a customer for life. We have families where multiple generations become customers, as well. It’s fun to see the kids grow up and get their licenses.”

The shop stays competitive with significant investments in up-to-date technology. That means the latest tools and equipment, as well as technology that assists communication with customers. Tom has found that texting is the best way to keep customers up-to-the-minute on their repairs while their vehicle is in the shop, so team members have made text their primary form of communication with clients.

In the same location since 1980, St. Anthony Mobil gives back to the community that has allowed it to flourish by donating and contributing to local schools, churches and volunteer groups. 

As the community continues to spread the word about St. Anthony Mobil’s outstanding service, Tom says he looks forward to more growth and potential room for expansion in the near future.

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