10,000 lakes, but only one Hannay’s Marine

Hannay’s Marine showroom, located at 2550 New Brighton Blvd. in St. Anthony, is ready to help with any of your boating needs.

The 30 boats in the St. Anthony Village showroom allow you to shop hands-on while finding the one that’s right for you.

The shop’s shelves are filled with all the accessories necessary for being out on the water, including pull tubes, buoys and lightbulbs.

Your boat, your treasure,is Hannay’s business


With the melting snow and higher temperatures, many Minnesotans’ minds have turned to getting back on the lake.

Make sure your boat is as ready as you are with Hannay’s Marine.

“Whether you’re looking to simply fix-up your boat or upgrade, we’re ready to help,” says the shop’s vice president, Jeff Hannay.

The third-generation family business in St. Anthony has brought the world of “lake life” to the land since 1945.

“The culture of boating has definitely leaked into the boat dealership,” Hannay says. “This is where they’re spending their free time. So, when they come in, that positive mentality they have rubs onto us.”

And that positivity translates directly to the dealer’s customer service. 

Hannay says that when you call the shop, you never get a recording. Instead, you’ll talk with one of the dozen knowledgeable staff members, who are always ready to help.

“I remember watching my dad behind the counter,” Hannay says. “He didn’t care whether you were buying a brand-new boat or a $2 part — he was going to treat you the same. That rubbed off onto me and to everyone who works here.”

That level of service has stayed the same through Hannay’s Marine’s more than 70 years of business.


A boat for every occasion

Some 30 boats line the walls of the store’s showroom, and there’s something for every need and occasion. 

For families looking to entertain or get their kids on the water, the Suncatcher and Larson Escape pontoons will do the job.

If fishing is in the cards, Hannay’s is the No.1 dealership for G3’s Angler Deep-V and Larson’s FX-series fishing boats, and if speed is your main goal, Hannay’s has you covered with many runabout styles.

The shelves and walls are also covered with all the gear and accessories you could ever need for the water. From lifejackets and pull tubes to electronics and cleaning supplies, if you need it, Hannay’s will have it.


Spring startup

When it comes time to get the boat up and running, just give Hannay’s a call.

The “spring startup” deal the shop offers not only gets your boat out of storage, but includes removing any shrink wrapping, cleaning the boat, re-installing the batteries and making sure all the mechanical components are operating correctly.

“That’s the worst thing you can do: take your boat out on the lake and then that’s when you find out it doesn’t start or run well,” Hannay says. “We’ll start it up, and make sure everything runs like it’s supposed to.”

If you ever find yourself in need of a fix on the lake, the shop’s “turn-key service” will send someone out to get the boat, trailer it to the shop, fix it and bring it back. Located near Lake Owasso, Lake Johanna and Shoreview’s lakes, the shop is perfectly situated to help many within the metro.

No matter the occasion, Hannay’s Marine has everything boat lovers could want and need during their time on the water. Hannay says that making sure you enjoy your boating is his goal.  

“With us, you’re just one step closer to getting back on the lake.”

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