LETTER: ‘I’m moving my family’

To the Editor:

I’m writing in regards to our blasphemous and virtue-signaling mayor.

My family and I have been in New Brighton for a little over a year and plan on leaving as soon as the capital gains penalty runs out.

Not only am I disappointed in Mayor Val Johnson’s tactics regarding ensuring her a bonus year in office, I’m also amazed at her embarrassing outburst last year and amazed that she was re-elected after making a laughing stock of our community in the national news.

Diversity of thought is alive and well in this country and part of the reason we elected President Trump is that we are all tired of being told how privileged we all are and being called racists when we disagree with the very pablum that the Val Johnsons of the world spew.

I don’t feel represented by my elected officials in this city and I’m moving my family elsewhere. I want that to be known.

Paul Petersen, New Brighton

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