LETTER: Insights provided by Roseville’s Citizen Police Academy

To the Editor:

Kudos to the Roseville Police Department (RPD) for the Citizen Police Academy class they recently held. Officer Brady Martin fielded a steady stream of questions with humor and very revealing glimpses of police work.      

Some interesting info from the class:  

• RPD has a reputation for aggressively weeding out police trainees during the probationary period. Only about 50 percent of police trainees pass the four-month field training.  

• Fraud is such a major issue that one RPD officer is assigned full-time to investigate these crimes. 

• Details not commonly known to the public were shared about two major RPD responses that drew extensive news coverage, and the additional information provided a more balanced perspective of the police actions.     

• RPD provides police service to Roseville’s 35,000 residents and Rosedale Mall, which attracts more than 10 million visitors each year!   

• We viewed an aerial video of an unusual car chase. Officer Martin once risked his life late one winter night by pursuing a driver who was driving the wrong way on a freeway! Officer Martin, while also traveling the wrong way (in sparse traffic) executed a pursuit intervention technique (PIT) maneuver that propelled the drunken driver’s car safely into a snowbank. For his daring efforts to prevent the possibility of a deadly head-on freeway collision, Officer Martin was awarded a police commendation medal.    

This class brought me a new awareness of the high standards and dedicated officers of the Roseville Police Department. I look forward to the upcoming academy classes.     

Neddy Wuertz, Roseville

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