LETTER: Support Geoff Dittberner next year for MN House

To the Editor:

I’m a small business owner and political independent. I don’t typically support political candidates, but I’m also an Iraq War veteran and know when to take a stand. I support Geoff Dittberner for Minnesota House because I trust him to work across party lines to help regular Minnesotans.  

As a student at Inver Hills, I’m concerned about the lack of funding for higher education. That’s why I’m encouraged to see Geoff has experience working with legislators of both parties to stop tuition hikes. We need affordable education in Minnesota. 

Geoff will be a leader in the legislature for environmental responsibility. Minnesota is on the verge of a “green boom.” When we move to energy based on clean, localized wind and solar farms, we can protect our environment while putting Minnesotans back to work.  

Much of what I do in my small business, Zelm Aerospace, is precision agriculture with drones. I can assess a field and determine what it needs acre-by-acre, instead of a blanket of chemicals. The grower saves money and we have less runoff into our lakes and rivers. Geoff will support innovative businesses like mine and an innovation economy by investing in research and entrepreneurship.  

I ask other members of our community to support Geoff in his campaign to fill the seat once held by Joe Atkins. We need more people in office who will bring people of different views together to improve our state, and I’m proud to say I’m with Geoff Dittberner.

Dave Zelm, Inver Grove Heights


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