Reliable & guaranteed, Select Surfaces is Roseville’s kitchen and bath go-to showroom for countertops

The Otten brothers in their new showroom, which displays near countless countertop options for your kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere.

Step into Select Surfaces’ new showroom in Roseville and you will instantly begin imagining the possibilities for your home or business.

There are countless models of kitchens and bathrooms with quartz countertops, walls and backsplashes. Large sheets of quartz are on display, so you get just the color and pattern you desire, whether it’s for new construction or a remodeling project.

Since 1994, Select Surfaces has developed a reputation for its superior installation work and precision craftsmanship. The company specializes in Cambria products, which are manufactured right here in Minnesota but known around the world for their durability and unique, modern designs.  

The Otten brothers say the goal of their new store, located near Snelling and County Road C in Roseville, is to bring an exceptional, whole-process experience to clients. 

Co-owner Jeremy Otten says, “We are now able to show full slabs in a really finished environment -- along with pretty much every application you could dream of when it comes to countertops.”

Although the new showroom opened in April 2016, the family business has more than two decades of experience. Select Surfaces is owned by Jeremy and his brothers Jerome and Daniel Otten, and began as a granite, marble and tile installation company. 

Now, 23 years later, the brothers own the premier quartz countertop-installation company in the Twin Cities. Select surfaces has a hand in creating and installed stunning countertops and backsplashes in more than 3,000 kitchens across Minnesota each year. The Ottens work with architects, builders, interior designers and homeowners to achieve that just right, customized look.

The brothers have had a No. 1-installation rating from Cambria for most of their career. Because of Cambria’s attractive designs and its commitment to standing behind its product, the brothers have remained loyal to the brand.

Cambria has phenomenal products, Jeremy says, and its quartz surfaces are as rich in appearance as granite, but not as soft or porous as granite and do not need to be periodically sealed. The Ottens say Cambria also puts more resources and time into product development than any company they have worked with in the past. 

“Cambria takes care of its clients like no other, and it has inspired us to follow suit. We stand behind the Cambria products that we sell for life. What that means for our clients is that if they chip their countertop -- whether it’s the day after we install it or 10 years later -- they get to call us and we’ll go out and take care of it,” Jeremy says.

Select Surfaces also offers precision that’s unmatched by its competitors. A walk through the showroom will show anyone wanting to upgrade their kitchen, bathroom or entertainment room the details in work that traditional stone companies simply cannot match, and Select Surfaces is far ahead when it comes to the latest technologies. 

“We measure using a system called Phototops, developed originally for NASA to map aircraft fuselages,” Jeremy says.

He explains the system maps a digital photo of the area to deliver an extremely precise 3-D model, up to 1/10,000th of an inch.

“That allows anything in the design to be altered. Also, when you buy from us, because of how we measure and create the design, it doesn’t change the price,” he says. Customers get whatever design they desire, which is rare in the countertop industry.

Jeremy adds that Select Surfaces’ designers on staff can help with any phase of a project. Whether you are starting a kitchen design, or ready for selections, they are available for help and assistance. 

Select Surfaces is located in a mini design district conveniently just off Snelling. Besides Select Surfaces’ showroom, within one block are The Tile Shop, Fireside Corner, Muska Lighting, and The Shower Door Company, so clients can get all of their selections done in one door-to-door run.

Customers can expect even more from the showroom in the coming year. The Ottens plan to host quarterly events in the showroom that will give the public a chance to check out the newest products, listen to live music, learn from classes and instruction, enjoy a cocktail and more. 

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