Roselawn Cemetery: Ponds, stream, and waterfalls coming soon

Roselawn Community Mausoleum

An overview of the recently started pond project at Roselawn Cemetery. The connecting stream will have small waterfalls, and a pedestrian bridge to walk across.

Roselawn Cemetery on Larpenteur Avenue spreads over a rolling meadow dotted with clusters of oak, maple and linden trees. 

For more than a century the 160 acres of beautifully cared-for land has served the Roseville community as an open and peaceful resting place for loved ones, and now it will be renovating for further memorialization options.

Following years of discussions, the Roselawn board of trustees is moving forward with a carefully considered, planned and permitted project.

Ground was broken last fall on the approximately eight-acre section and work on the project will continue in the spring. The Roselawn Board of Trustees wanted this area to be especially tranquil, with a large pond and fountain, a smaller pond and stream connecting the two, and a walking bridge to cross the stream. The target date for completion of the project is autumn 2018. 

This is one of the largest development projects in the history of the cemetery, with a mission to provide as many memorial options as possible. 

Roselawn is working with the much-experienced Loucks surveying firm, and the landscaping will establish an enhanced feeling of peace, tranquility and dignity to support the healing process on the already beautiful cemetery grounds. 

Roselawn has used Loucks in the past, and superintendent Larry Hudella says staff, board and visitors are very pleased with the results. Loucks has experience in cemetery development across the nation, and has worked with Roselawn and the city of Roseville to ensure an environmentally sound project.


Memorialization and traditional burial

“The project will create more options for the future,” cemetery president Scott Spaeth says. 

Spaeth explains that with the growing trend of choosing cremation, people are left with a longing for a place to visit their loved ones

After choosing cremation for a loved one many people awaken to or rethink the need for a place to visit -- even years later -- and they bring their loved ones’ remains to be memorialized at Roselawn. 

Roselawn offers both in-ground, and above-ground columbarium options. Each is thoughtfully landscaped, with benches for loved ones and visitors in mind. 

Roselawn strives to provide a calm place that generations can visit and remember their friends and family members. 

Whether interested in the history of the cemetery, like the work of renowned architect Cass Gilbert, who designed the stone chapel, or the new features like the veteran’s memorial or the peaceful Split Rock Garden with its serene pond and green space, Roselawn covers all interment needs.

“I don’t know of any other cemetery that has as many cremation options as we do.” Hudella adds. “And that’s a big thing. That’s a big plus for us to have more choices and be able to offer that to families.”

Roselawn is a non-profit, non-denominational, non-sectarian cemetery that is open to all. 

“We’re serving the community, and we’re the best-kept cemetery in the city because we have a top-notch crew that keeps it that way,” Hudella says.


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