Pace’s Tire & Service Center: old-school service, modern know-how

Ken and Bob Pace with their team of ASE-certified technicians at Pace's Tire & Service Center on Robert Street in West St. Paul.

ervice fuel stations of a simpler time, look no further. Pace’s is your place.   

Pace’s Tire & Service Center is one of West St. Paul’s oldest businesses on Robert Street. It’s been open since 1960, and brothers Ken and Bob Pace are the third generation to run the family-owned and operated shop. 

The brothers have worked at the station since they were in high school, and between them and their new service writer Michael Casler, they have more than 100 years of combined experience in the auto service industry. 

Customers know that when they pull into Pace’s, they’ll get service like nowhere else. 

“Something I’ve noticed from my previous experience in the business is that I’ve never worked for a company where they have the loyalty and a customer base this large,” Michael says. “It’s absolutely astronomical.”

Much of the loyalty stems from generations of families bringing their vehicles to Pace’s and being pleased, time and again, with the expert advice and service they receive, Ken explains. 

“We have a lot of customers, where their grandparents used to do business with our grandfather, and now sons and daughters and their grandkids are all coming to us,” he says. 

Pace’s began as a gas station with two service bays and has now expanded to six mechanic bays. The shop’s ASE certified technicians will inspect your vehicle and provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis. They work on any make and model car or SUV -- domestic or foreign -- light trucks and electronic equipment. 

“The way we operate is that we stay old school as far as customer service goes, but we’re very up-to-date on our repairs,” Ken says. “We can do anything any dealership can do, and we work on any car. We still do the old-school oil changes, but we’ll do diagnostic work on a Mercedes, without question.”

What makes Pace’s stand out is its exceptional service. On one sunny Tuesday afternoon this spring, a gentleman pulled up to the pump for gas and a mechanic noticed his brake light was out. Only a few minutes later the bulb was replaced and the grateful customer was on his way. Attention to details and caring service like this is rare in today’s marketplace. 

If you have a busy schedule but need your vehicle serviced, Pace’s offers courtesy rides and pick-ups in the area, including downtown St. Paul. 

“People don’t realize that they can get their car worked on while they’re at work,” Bob says. 

Bob and Ken Pace are tightly involved with their community, and donate to local schools’ sporting programs and neighborhood church functions. Bob also serves on the West St. Paul City Council. 

Pace’s Tire & Service Center has been a Robert Street staple for more than half a century, and is an exemplary example of how small, locally owned businesses can provide something unmatchable by the large, corporate chain stores.

“What makes us stand out is our service,” Ken says. “To put it bluntly, you’re just a number when you go to these big stores. Come here and we’ll personally take care of you.”

“It’s interesting, when people come in from the big tire stores we can always match or beat their quotes,” he explains. “We have very, very competitive tire sales, and we can work on any make or model.” 

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