Life’s biggest decision

Crist Langelett
The Chaplain’s Corner

One of my favorite Bible studies is “Who am I apart from God? Who am I in Christ?”

Understanding and applying these questions often leads to some in my classes changing from the first group to the second. We are taught from the time we are children that we are responsible for our actions. Our actions as part of the first group, is total separation from God.

Psalms 14:2,3 tells us that God looks down from heaven to see if any will come to Him on their own. The answer and result is an absolute NO! Romans 3:10-12 gives the New Testament conclusion on this matter. It is exactly the same. Our natural self never did require a decision. The above Scripture passages tell us what we are like naturally. We do not and never did seek God naturally. We did not have to make a decision to be that way. Our decisions to follow Him are at His invitation.

Since we are all responsible for our decisions and actions; how can we make the right decision to become part of the family of God. The above Scripture verses make it unmistakable clear that no one comes to God on their own. That makes it obvious that God must initiate the action. Some people will say that when they are older they will accept the Lord into their lives. This is not an option because we do not seek God on our own. How do we know if we will hear His invitation to come when we are older?

I John 5:11,12 makes it very clear that those who have the Lord in their lives are on their way to heaven. Those who have not opened their hearts and lives to let the Lord in are not on their way to heaven. In John 6:44 we read what Jesus said about this. He said that no one can come to Him unless the Father draws him. Jesus tells us in Revelation 3:20 that He stands at our door and knocks to come in. He said that if one opens the door He will come in and have fellowship with us.

Several places in the New Testament we read that one must repent and ask forgiveness to enter the Kingdom of God. Repentance requires a U-turn as well as forgiveness. We turn from going our own natural way to going God’s way. Those of us who experienced a rather radical change when we were born again probably see the picture a little more vividly than those who did not.

Profanity and lying were my daily lifestyle. None of this changed when I was conformed, took communion and became a church member. It all changed when I was born again. Why do I write about this? I do not want any of the people who get the Reviews to not know how to accept God’s invitation. It is real and available to all. Anytime that we are considering the moment or hour of decision; God is calling us to be His friend. He teaches and empowers us through reading His Word, prayer and fellowship.

What is life’s biggest decision? It is to accept and receive God’s free gift of love, forgiveness and friendship.

— This is a Chaplain’s Corner column reprinted from a past issue of Lillie Suburban Newspapers.  

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