Bulletin area people - published November 2, 2016

Ady Wickstrom

Kellie Friend

Ady Wickstrom, a Shoreview City Council member, receieved a Leader in Lacal Government award from the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce. Wickstrom, who recently announced her retirement from public office, has been recognized by SPACC for an “unwavering commitment to service in her community and the broader region, actively participating in countless boards and committees,” the organization said in a statement, noting that Wickstrom has played a critical role in partnering with the Chamber itself to engage communities with throughout Ramsey County.



Kellie Friend, a third grade teacher at Turtle Lake Elementary School in Shoreview, is the recipient of the 3M Economic Educator of the Year award. The Minnesota Council on Economic Education will honor Friend at its annual EconFest celebration on Nov. 3 at 3M’s corporate headquarters in Maplewood. Friend has been teaching in elementary schools for 17 years and has invested in taking professional economics-related development courses since 2009, in order to better teach her students.   

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