Letter: Yarusso running dispite ‘a lack of interest in the office’


To the Editor:


Barb Yarusso is running again for the 42A seat of the Minnesota House of Representatives, which surprises me, given I feel she has shown such a lack of interest in the office over the last term. I say this because I’ve attempted to have a conversation with Barb on several occasions, both via e-mail and by phone. I had concerns and ideas that I wanted to share with her as our representative.

Unfortunately, all my attempts to speak with Barb have been in vain. In the end, I made at least a dozen attempts to talk with Barb before I finally realized that, despite her campaign promises to listen to us, Barb is just not interested.

The deaf ear and lack of engagement shown by Barb helps solve the riddle of why Donald Trump is making such inroads as the anti-establishment candidate.

Her website endorsements reveal that she is a virtual spokesperson for Big Money. If you see Barb, please tell her I don’t have big money, but I do have big ideas. Replacing the incumbent in the Minnesota 42A seat is now one of them.


Mark Kelliher

Arden Hills

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