Letter: Reader calls for ‘equal opportunity in public education’

To the Editor:


On Nov. 8, New Brighton voters will select who, in the Minnesota Senate and House of Representatives, will best champion the long term well-being of our community and its residents.

The DFL candidates are Carolyn Laine (Senate) and Connie Bernardy (House.) A primary DFL benefactor is Education Minnesota.  To say that Laine and Bernardy are “beholden” to the teachers’ union is an understatement.

Ten years ago, Eva Moskowitz, a former New York City Council member, established New York’s Success Academy, a public-charter school network. Its achievements, as evidenced by the academic records of its lottery selected students, are legendary. However, Moskowitz points to the ever-present challenges of “the political environment” and, by that, she is referring to the political influence of teachers’ unions.

In the Wall Street Journal, Moskowitz says of the public education situation, “We see reimagining public education as the leading civil-rights issue of our time. We deeply believe that all children’s lives matter. If you are black or Latino, you are more likely to go to a failing school than if you are white and affluent. That strikes me as profoundly unjust and in need of urgent action.”

Laine and Bernardy s reelection websites are devoid of any reference to public education policy. Laine’s says “education funding is another priority,” and Bernardy’s simply states that she is an “Education Champion.”

Laine and Bernardy would have us believe that they have New Brighton’s socioeconomic interests uppermost in mind. They insult our intelligence when they continually vote at the behest of Education Minnesota.


Gene Delaune

New Brighton

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