Letter: Laine will be ‘a good steward of our environment’

To the Editor:


An Iroquois principle states that, “In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation...” That’s approximately 140 years. The idea of seventh generation sustainability is a concept embraced by many environmentalists and is a good guide when making decisions that impact the planet we share with 7 billion other people.   

Representative Carolyn Laine understands the importance of meaningful deliberation, and of looking at the long-term impact her legislative decisions will have not only on us, but on our children, our children’s children and so on. Carolyn grew up on the Iron Range and is well aware of the region’s need for good jobs. But she will not agree to a deal that produces toxic byproducts requiring 500 years of containment to prevent contamination of the local watershed — that’s around 25 generations. If George Washington had made that deal, we would only be a little over halfway finished containing the mess leftover. 

We in New Brighton and Saint Anthony know a little bit about water stewardship, and we understand that when pollution enters the water you can end up dealing with the issue for years and years. We need to send Carolyn Laine to the Senate to be a good steward of our environment — in our own backyard and across the state.  From Duluth to Worthington and from Hallock to Winona, Carolyn Laine is looking out for the future of Minnesota’s environment. I’m voting for Carolyn for State Senate on Nov. 8. Won’t you join me?     


Deborah Douglas

DFL chair, Senate District 41

New Brighton

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