Letter: Candy Sina will help ‘prune government’

To the Editor:


Four years of a DFL-controlled Senate have given us record tax increases, a roughly 25 percent increase in the budget, sky-high healthcare costs — called “unaffordable” even by Democrat Governor Dayton, and roads and bridges in disrepair. Concisely: more spendingno laudable results. So much for my inalienable rights to life, to liberty from burdensome, overreaching, bloated, and feckless government and to the pursuit of happiness.

It’s time to prune government and get the results hard-working Minnesotan deserve. A wife, mother of five Mounds View High School graduates, and small business owner, Candy Sina will represent the traditional core values constituents of Senate District 42 appreciate.  In her words: “Our state has lost track of what’s important in people’s lives... we need to make some real changes in how government works... our government was not set up to do what it pleases, whenever it pleases... I am devoted to upholding and to defending traditional core values that represent the interests of everyday Minnesotans.”

On Nov. 8, join me in voting for a candidate for state Senate who understands the challenges facing families, schools and businesses, and who grasps the concepts of tax relief, of eliminating wasteful spending, and of enacting meaningful change in healthcare that only someone with years of experience in that field can bring. That candidate is Candy Sina. See you at the polls.


Lee and Randy Richmond



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