Letter: Endorsing Carolyn Laine for Senate District 41

To the Editor:


To anyone paying attention, Minnesota’s 2015-2016 legislative biennium was nothing short of disastrous. The GOP-controlled House’s 2015 session ended with a vote on a bill no one had read mere seconds before the final gavel dropped. This year wasn’t much better, with the House GOP unable or unwilling to negotiate a transportation or tax bill, and incapable of getting a public works bill off the House floor.

The GOP couldn’t get their act together, but Representative Carolyn Laine kept her head down and worked hard to enact policies to improve the lives of her constituents and of Minnesotans around the state. Carolyn passed bi-partisan legislation that changed how parenting time is determined in family law cases; authored the bill that reformed Minnesota’s ethnic councils so that they may become the councils we need to navigate Minnesota’s many racial and ethnic disparities; and passed unanimously a bill that created the Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution, which uses methods other than litigation to resolve disputes that affect the public interest. She is a force to be reckoned with, and I’m happy that she is one of the people representing me in St. Paul. 

She’ll be a huge loss to the House but, lucky for us, Carolyn Laine is running to be our next Senator. I have no doubt she’ll be as valuable a voice in the Senate as she was in the House and I am so proud to be voting for her on Nov. 8. Won’t you join me? 


Rachel Nelson

New Brighton

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