Shoreview City Council address Gramsie Road flooding

Due to ongoing flooding and saturated soil conditions that currently exist, the final paving of the portion of Gramsie Road between Mackubin Street and Rice Street has been suspended indefinitely, and Gramsie Road remains closed for safety reasons.

On Tuesday, Sept. 6, the City Council authorized an amendment to the contract for the road rehabilitation project of Gramsie Road, that would raise the low point of Gramsie Road by 2-feet to prevent further and future flooding. This would also include construction of a new trail segment on the south side of Gramsie Road adjacent to the roadway to provide safe pedestrian and bicycling alternative route from the areas that are now prone to flooding near the trail underpass.

Due to the continuing conditions, City engineers are uncertain that construction work on raising the roadway and final paving between Mackubin Street and Rice Street can be completed this fall, unless weather and water levels allow. If the project cannot go forward until next spring, the goal is to have Gramsie Road reopened with at least a temporary road surface in place for the winter.

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