Letter: Bauman’s censure was unfair

To the Editor:


I’m writing this letter in support of council member Gina Bauman, and against the actions taken by Mayor Val Johnson, now in her fourth month as mayor. I believe Bauman was ambushed by a change in the meeting agenda of April 26, to censure her.

It appeared Bauman’s “crime” was asking the city attorney for clarification of the ordinance to change to even year city elections, and changing the terms of the mayor and council members. From my perspective, Bauman merely wanted to put the decision back into the hands of the voters by adding a referendum on this year’s ballot. I think Johnson’s contention that going to the city attorney was to Bauman’s personal benefit is utter nonsense.

In videos of the work session Bauman defends herself very well. By contrast, Johnson appeared to be straining to even explain why she was doing this. Bauman seemed surprisingly cool under fire, while Johnson seemed obsessed with pounding her gavel and shouting her down. In watching Mayor Johnson, I could not help thinking of the movie “Mommie Dearest.”

I support Bauman and her proposed voter referendum. I trust her judgment and work ethic. I want the commission appointments and liaison duties for which she was removed, to be restored. By contrast I think we have a problem with the new mayor. Johnson’s leadership style seemed poor, more akin to bullying and wanting a hive mentality of agreement with her. 

Take some time to watch the videos and judge for yourself.


Richard Moses

New Brighton

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