Letter: ‘A basic understanding of Civics’

To the Editor:


I attended a community meeting in New Brighton where our City Council, Mayor, and other city leaders spoke and answered questions from residents.

Recently censured Council member Gina Bauman made a statement to the effect that “it wasn’t fair for four or five people to make a decision for New Brighton.” This is very disturbing because it indicates her clear lack of understanding of seventh or eighth grade level civics.

The many elect a few to make public policy decisions. 

Bauman disliked a decision about when elections are scheduled that was made for the financial good of the community. She has decided to go around the Council and try to govern by petition because she wants “the voice of the people” to speak. Our voice has been heard — it is called an election.

It is disappointing that Bauman would rather circumnavigate the decision made than accept the majority decision of the council. She voiced her opposition but was not persuasive. If we as citizens do not like what one or more of our council members is doing we just vote for someone else next election.

I truly thank the City Council for their hard work in doing what is best for New Brighton and appreciate the majority of them understanding and demonstrating a basic understanding of civics.


David Stanton

New Brighton

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