Found: A ‘67 Caddy in Langton Lake

A long-ago dumped Cadillac was found in Roseville’s Langton Lake April 17. Police say nothing of interest was found inside.

now that it’s out of the lake, police are trying to track down the car’s owner, most likely, they say, an insurance company.

neighborhood slueth Karin Kingen says she used one of the car’s hubcaps and internet searches to date the Cadillac to 1968, but police say it’s a ‘67.

“You never know what you’ll find and that’s why we take a camera on our walks,” says Karin Kingen, who lives near Langton Lake Park in Roseville.

During Kingen’s April 17 walk in the park, her policy paid off: Peeking out of the water in a holding pond at the southern end of Langton Lake was a muddy, rusted old car — a Cadillac.

Officers from the Roseville Police Department responded to the lake, just east of Interstate 35W and south of County Road D, to investigate.

Roseville officer Lt. Lorne Rosand says construction crews were draining the holding pond for work going on in the area, and that’s when the Caddy was revealed.

Police initially identified the car as a sedan dating to the mid-1960s — Rosand says there was damage to the passenger side of the car’s windshield and other damage on the passenger side door.

Roseville police called the Ramsey County Sheriff Water Patrol to assist in pulling the car out of water, Rosand says. There was “nothing of note” in the car’s interior, he says, and nothing was found in the trunk, either, when it was cut open.

“Looks like that thing was dumped decades ago,” Rosand says of what police identified as a 1967 Cadillac.

The Cadillac is offering few clues — Rosand says the vehicle identification number is illegible and a Minnesota collector license plate is all police have to go on.

“At best it’s a car that now belongs to an insurance company,” Rosand says, adding that if the car was reported stolen 20 years ago, the insurance claim on the Cadillac was paid out long ago.

Kingen says her husband Jay retrieved one of the hubcaps before the car was towed away.

The couple regarded the car as a “neighborhood mystery,” she says, adding they did some internet sleuthing, coming to conclusions similar to the police — Kingen says they figured the model year of the Cadillac was 1968.

As for the car’s likely fate, Rosand says that once ownership is sorted out, the car will find yet another lonely end.

“They’ll just crush it,” he says.


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