Nutcase squirrels away $900 worth of nuts in convertible

Arrests, Thefts and more around Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, and Roseville - Roseville Review police reports March 8, 2016.


Falcon Heights



Equipment violations — cracked windshields or faulty brake lights, for example — can be telling signs that more is going on inside the vehicle. In the instance of  the traffic stop Feb. 15 at the intersection of Coffman Street and Larpenteur Avenue, the unnamed equipment violation netted a trio: the 31-year-old male driver was arrested and cited for driving after license recocation, no proof of insureance and the equipment problem; a 20-year-old male passenger was given a citation for possession of drug paraphernalia; and the 37-year-old male passenger was warned about his marijuana and his drug paraphernalia.


Equipment violations, again — this time police stopped a suspicious looking vehicle with multiple violations at Cleveland and Roselawn avenues Feb. 17. The driver, a 26-year-old male, was arrested for aggravated forgery, felony identity theft with eight or more victims, felony financial card fraud and felony possession of burglary tools. He was booked at the Ramsey County Jail.



Do prices at the pump influence drive-offs? Maybe, maybe not, at least in the case of the driver who skipped out on paying for $16.83 worth of gas at the SuperAmerica on Larpenteur Avenue Feb. 18.


Motor vehicle theft

A 23-year-old female reported her van stolen from the parking lot of her apartment building in the 1700 block of Fry Street Feb. 21. The van was valued at $1,000.





Police observed a suspicious vehicle near a construction site Feb. 21 in the 1500 block of Eustis Street. Upon further investigation, the 42-year-old male driver of  the vehicle was arrested for felony possession of burglary/theft tools. All the evidence was seized and he was booked the the Ramsey Couny Jail.


Loud pipes save lives — and can get you arrested. A 57-year-old male found out all about it when he was cited and arrested during a Feb. 21 traffic stop at Eustis Street and Idaho Avenue for the loud exhaust and driving after license revocation.


Little Canada



A 38-year-old Maplewood man reported that someone broke into the apartment storage unit he owns in the 100 block of County Road B Feb. 27. The man, without giving specifics, said roughly $1,000 worth of stuff was stolen.


Good Samaritan helps jerk get cited

The St. Paul owner of a pomeranian was cited for misdemeanor mistreatment of an animal after the pup linked up with a good Samaritan Feb. 27. The dog hopped into the helper’s car in the 2300 block of Rice Street when invited — it had matted fur and appeared to have suffered a couple of months of neglect. The do-gooder brought the dog to Hillcrest Animal Hospital where vets found it had its shots and tags, which led police to the negligent owner.



Someone broke into a car parked at Roseville Area Middle School Feb. 26 — the owner of the vehicle was there to see a play. Even though the owner did his best to hide his stuff under a sweatshirt, the thief was undeterred and nabbed two bags, which held a Dell laptap and a wallet with bank cards. There are no suspects.


A 19-year-old man who lives in apartments in the 2800 block of Rustic Place reported Feb. 28 that someone had smashed in his passenger window and stole a $200 amplifier speaker but nothing else. No suspects.


Are you nuts?

The getaway car was a red convertible Cadillac — a man who witnesses described as a 30-ish-year-old white male, stole $900 worth of nuts and sweets from the Aldi store in the 2300 block of Rice Street Feb. 27. The man left the store without paying but taking a full cart of the food — nine cases of mixed nuts, a  case of chocolate bars, a case of almond bars and one and a half cases of pistachios. Police didn’t a license plate number.





Burglaries were reported:

• March 1 at JCPenney Optical

• March 1 in the 1400 block of Commerce Street



Thefts were reported:

• Feb. 25 in the 2200 block of Hamline Avenue

• Feb. 26 at Rosedale Center

• Feb. 27 at SuperAmerica on Lexington Avenue

• Feb. 28 at Rosedale Center

• Feb. 28 at Wal-Mart

• Feb. 29 at Super 8 Motel

• Feb. 29 at Centennial United Methodist Church

• Feb. 29 at Rosedale Center

• March 2 in the 1900 block of Tatum Street

• March 2 at Best Buy

• March 2 in the 1900 block of Tatum Street

• March 2 in the 2900 block of Lincoln Drive


Motor vehicle thefts were reported:

• Feb. 27 at Motel 6

• Feb. 28 in the 1700 block of Woodbridge Court

• Feb. 29 at Axel’s Restaurant


Thefts from auto were reported:

• Feb. 25 in the 200 block of Grandview Avenue

• Feb. 25 at LA Fitness

• March 1 in the 1700 block of Marion Street

• March 1 in the 2800 block of Rice Street

• March 1 in the 2400 block of Fairview Avenue

• March 1 at Chianti Grill

• March 2 in the 2300 block of Auerbach Street


Shoplifting was reported:

• Feb. 25 at Rosedale Center

• Feb. 26 at Target

• Feb. 26 at Rosedale Center

• Feb. 27 at Wal-Mart

• Feb. 27 at Rosedale Center

• Feb. 28 at Wal-Mart

• Feb. 29 at Rosedale Center

• March 1 at JCPenney Optical



Driving while intoxicated was reported:

• Feb. 29 at Wal-Mart


Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct was reported:

• Feb. 25 at Wal-Mart

• Feb. 26 at Rosedale Center

• March 2 at Keystone Communities

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