Local mayor candidates run unopposed

Dan Roe

John Keis

Jeffrey Dains

All three of the mayor races in the Review's coverage area will be fairly quiet this year, as each candidate is running unopposed.

Incumbent Roseville mayor Dan Roe and incumbent Lauderdale mayor Jeffrey Dains will continue to lead their cities in their current positions, and Little Canada council member John Keis will take over the seat currently held by Bill Blesener, who has chosen not to run for re-election.

Roseville - Dan Roe

Roe has served as Roseville's mayor since 2011, and he served one term as a city council member prior to that. He says he's running for office in order to "follow through" on many of the initiatives put into place during his time on the council.

"Although we've got a couple council members finishing a term, we've got a sort of young or not long-serving council," Roe said, adding he hoped to provide some "institutional memory" to the council.

Roe mentioned financial planning for infrastructure as one of the main priorities for his next term.

"Even though there's some actions [the council] will have to take subsequently, we'll have a plan in place," he said.

Roe added that he hopes Roseville will be able to avoid "declin[ing] like other first-ring suburbs" in regards to property value, maintenance and upkeep, noting that development in the Twin Lakes area could offer many commercial and residential opportunities for the city.

Little Canada - John Keis

Keis has served on the Little Canada City Council for the past 10 years, and he was a member of the city's planning commission for 13 years before that. Keis decided to run for mayor "because someone had to do it," he joked, adding that he and Blesener had discussed the matter. Blesener has endorsed Keis for the seat.

Keis will be coming to the new position in January with two new council members on board, as his own council seat expires at the end of the year, and current council member Shelly Boss is not running for re-election.

The transition will require a good deal of goal-setting and planning, Keis said, which will likely be done at an annual goal-setting meeting in late January.

"We will absolutely need one - there'll be new council members and a new mayor ... we'll have to get everybody up to speed and talk about new projects or goals."

As far as new projects go, Keis says he "has a list" of ideas he's been thinking about, sharing that he hopes to bring residents closer together as new cultures and diverse populations continue to grow within the city. Additionally, redevelopment will continue to be a constant theme for Little Canada, he said.

Overall, Keis says he sees the city moving in pretty much the same direction as before, with "small corrections as needed."

"We're going in a good direction. I'm excited about this. It's a new challenge, and it'll be fun," he said.

Lauderdale Mayor Jeffrey Dains could not be reached for comment.

The general election will be held Nov. 4. Look for information on local city council candidates in an upcoming edition of the Review.

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