Roseville PD fires local auto body shop after employees take squad cars on joyride

The Roseville Police Department has hired a new auto body shop after employees from its former vehicle repair vendor reportedly drove squad cars at "irresponsible" speeds on the way to be fixed last week.

According to a statement from the department, on the morning of Thursday, Sept. 4, there were two phone calls from "concerned citizens" regarding two marked squad cars "being driven at excessive speeds" on County Road C, which has a 40 mph speed limit, from Victoria Street to Western Avenue.

Upon investigation, the department found out the vehicles were being driven by employees from a local auto shop the department used for repair services.

The employees came to the Roseville Public Works garage to pick up two squad cars that needed body work following a police pursuit that took place overnight, and were supposed to drive the vehicles to the repair shop where the work would be done. They had authorization to do so, according to the police statement.

Other repair shops step in

After discussing the matter with the owner of the auto repair business, the department decided to "end business dealings" with the shop.

"The department recognizes its accountability to the community," the statement reads. 

Lt. Lorne Rosand said the vehicles were equipped with everything "except the rifle," which he said is secured in the police armory before a vehicle is taken to any other location for repair work.

Because the department contracts several vendors for service including a local dealership, Rosand said mechanics often pick up police vehicles and drive them to the shop for repairs. Certain repairs also require a test drive to be sure the problem is fixed. They've never had a problem with vendor employees driving their vehicles unprofessionally until now.

"It's not uncommon for civilians to drive our cars," Rosand explained. "We just hope they do so in a manner that represents the city in a very positive way. These two individuals did not."

But, from now on, the department plans to put in the "best effort possible" to have a city mechanic or police officer drive squad cars to be repaired, Rosand added.

-- Johanna Holub

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