Maplewood police investigate ‘troubling’ phone calls to businesses

The Maplewood Police Department is investigating reports of five “troubling” phone calls to businesses, where the caller asked women about their age, hair color and what they were wearing.

The caller reportedly sounded like a male, and identified himself as a police officer from Maplewood, St. Paul or Roseville, according to the department.

In several incidents, the person apparently didn’t seek money, but rather said he was conducting a survey as part of a school presentation project.

He reportedly asked female employees about their work uniform, how long they’d been working there and other personal questions. When challenged, the caller hung up the phone.

“The nature of the contact and number of similar incidents occurring at various unrelated businesses is of concern,” Maplewood Police Chief Paul Schnell said in a written statement. “While we have no information to suggest that the caller represents a physical danger, the content and focus of the calls is understandably troubling to those receiving these harassing phone calls.”

Investigators have not identified the caller, and request that anyone who receives a call from someone claiming to be a police officer contact local police.

Anyone with information on the identity or whereabouts of the caller is urged to call Maplewood police at 651-767-0640 or 911.

— Kaitlyn Roby

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