Suspect arrested after Roseville bank robbery

courtesy of the Roseville Police department

Masked gunman wore bulletproof vest

Alex Holmquist
news editor

A Crystal man suspected of robbing a Roseville bank was arrested just minutes after the robbery occurred.

According to police, a masked man entered North American Bank Company, 2230 Albert St., at 11:12 a.m. Tuesday and robbed the bank of an undisclosed amount of cash from the bank's vault. A surveillance photo shows the suspect pointing a semi-automatic pistol at one of the bank employees.

"In a sense it was a takeover robbery," said Roseville Lt. Lorne Rosand, noting the suspect brandished the weapon when he entered the building and began shuffling bank employees around. Rosand said the suspect appeared to have an understanding of the building's layout and where the bank's vault was located.

"Obviously, he had a plan and implemented it," Rosand said.

The suspect left the building with the cash, and Roseville police arrived on the scene soon after. The first responding officers noticed a man, later identified as 30-year-old Jake Charles Cogswell, slam shut the trunk of a 2004 Dodge Neon parked illegally in front of a house on the 1300 block of Sandhurst Drive. The vehicle was roughly 600 feet from the bank's entrance.

Rosand said it appeared the suspect had made an attempt to look like an average person standing by his car. Police believe he had taken off a coat, hat, mask and sunglasses and placed them, along with the bag of cash, in the trunk of the car. A lunch box and thermos could also be seen on the front seat of the car.

However, a responding officer quickly determined that the suspect was wearing a bulletproof vest, Rosand said, and he appeared to hesitate when police ordered him to the ground. But officers were able to apprehend the suspect within seconds without anyone getting hurt.

Rosand said Cogswell confessed to the robbery when he was interviewed by FBI agents, and added that during the initial apprehension Cogswell didn't ask why police were arresting him and told police the gun was in the trunk when they asked him where it was.

"Obviously, I believe that's guilt," Rosand said.

Rosand said he believes the apprehension could have gone much differently if the suspect had access to his gun when police showed up.

"I think if he would've had access to that gun we would have been talking about something different today, and that would have been a shooting," Rosand said, noting that he believes timing may have contributed to the situation's relatively good outcome. If police had arrived at the scene slightly sooner, the armed suspect may still have been in the bank and a hostage situation might have occurred, Rosand said.

He added that in addition to the responding officers, bank employees also contributed to the situation's relatively positive end result.

"The bank employees did a phenomenal job; they did what they're trained to do," Rosand said. "There are a number of 'fortunates' here."

According to police, Cogswell is currently being held at the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center on a probable cause charge of first-degree aggravated robbery, and the U.S. district attorney's office is expected to file federal bank robbery charges against him by the end of the week.

Rosand said as of Wednesday morning, police were waiting for the FBI to obtain a search warrant for the vehicle.

Minnesota court records show no criminal history for Cogswell, and Rosand said there is no indication that Cogswell may have been involved in any other bank robberies.

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Video below - Squad car dash cam shows apprehension of Roseville bank robbery suspect. (courtesy of the Roseville Police department)

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