Weather or not...

photos by Linda E. Andersen/Review

The Christmas decorations look particularly appropriate amid the snowdrifts at an April 20 garage sale in Oakdale. Having just moved into their house on 49th Street, Sara Peters and Jason Noren decided they needed to hold a garage sale to clear out items that didn’t fit their new home, weather not withstanding.

Here, Peters, clad for the weather, mugs for the camera as a warmly-parkaed Noren looks on. By mid-afternoon, much of their wares were cleaned out by garage-sale shoppers eager to start the season. “I was up at 4 in the morning setting up and the first person came by at 7:30,” Peters says. “It’s been pretty much nonstop since then.” Not only did early birds find a great selection, they also got first dibs on a selection of homemade cookies.

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