Letter: Need voting alternatives

To the editor:

We have had a very busy session at the Legislature this year. We are so fortunate to have three excellent legislators for District 43. I especially appreciated the two in the March 23 Review: Senator Wiger’s on Veteran’s issues and  Representative Fischer explanation of the Health Care Exchange. I was happy to see Minnesota Care become the state method of access since I represented AARP in passing that bill, which was a bipartisan bill in 1992. I also appreciated Representative Lillie’s article a few weeks back which covered several issues of importance keeping us informed.

Sen. Wiger also has an excellent website and I was honored to be a part of that this week on AARP Lobby Day, when the three of them presented me a letter of thanks from Governor Dayton for helping defeat the Voter ID amendment last year.

My big issue this year has been testifying in committees on bills that would help seniors and people with disabilities to vote. Early voting, which 32 States and the district of Columbia now have, would cost a third of the cost of absentee voting; otherwise No Excuse Absentee voting is another option. Now our absentee is suppose to be only if you are out of town or medical emergency. With the ever increasing population a lot of hours are wasted standing in long lines.

I am 92 and my generation really valued the right to vote, especially us ladies, who some brave ladies fought to give us the right to vote 92 years ago.

Christeen M Stone


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