Spring cleaning for pond

(Johanna Holub/Review)

Although some passersby think these vehicles in the North St. Paul municipal parking lot resemble “mechanized dinosaurs,” they are actually being used to dredge 2,500 yards of sediment from Franklyn Pond at Helen St. and Seppala Blvd. The pond, which was created in 1998, is a stormwater collection point and has not been dredged since its construction. “We monitor its depths and how much material is in it,” Director of Public Works Scott Duddeck says. “It’s been here 15 years and we’re going to take it back to its original depths.” After a survey of public-works needs last summer, the city added the project to its list of improvements. The project is being completed now, before the snow melts, so the pond can accommodate spring runoff.


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